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As the Public Relations Director for Note-oriety, JMU's premier upper voices a cappella group,  I was tasked with creating album cover art and social media graphics to promote our 10th studio album, "Mind Your Own," and our album release concert.

Design Approach

Because Note-oriety's group color is pink and has a strong association with our brand, I incorporated pink gradients throughout promoting our album and our concert. To make this campaign stand out from the rest of what is on Note-oriety's social media, I included images of different symbols and objects that are relevant to songs on the album. I incorporated consistent textures and typefaces that gave this campaign a slightly "retro" feel.


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Album Cover Art

car v2 2.png

Click here to listen!

When discussing this album cover art with our album committee, we knew we wanted it to feel timeless and encapsulate the recurring themes of independence and empowerment in the songs on our album.

We decided that this album follows the narrative of navigating through experiences of hurt and ultimately blooming into growth and independence.

We decided on using an image of someone driving away as a visual representation of someone leaving their past behind and entering their future, and a tie to the song "80s Mercedes" on our album.

Instagram Posts

Album Teaser


Song Preview Posts

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Voice Part & Individual Member Posts
Photos by Lexie Burns

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Album Release Concert Graphic

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Album Release Carousel

Instagram Stories

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